Look what's new at Pet-Agrees: We are now offering acupuncture!

This will allow us to integrate new holistic treatment options. This is the first step on our journey into traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. Acupuncture is used to treat painful conditions such as injuries or arthritis and neurological diseases like weakness in the rear legs, paralysis, or seizures. We are also able to use acupuncture in conjunction with conventional medications to treat internal medical conditions affecting the immune or reproductive systems such as infections or infertility.

How does it work?
Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine sees the animal as an individual. The body is a complex system of structures and energetic flow When energy is blocked, this creates disease that affects the animal as a whole. By identifying a disease pattern, we can restore the proper flow of energy through the placement of hair-like needles and special techniques. When energy is flowing well, this allows the body to regulate and heal itself.

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  • "I want to day a HUGE Thank you to the staff at the Pet-Agrees Wellness Services, They have been a call away and I know I am a nervous mommy, but I want the pups to do well. They are always there to assist me in the best care of the dogs."
    Cynthia C. Gordonsville, , TN

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