Meet Our Team

  • Jamie Fornabaio, DVM

    Dr Jamie is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Agriculture in Animal Science, is certified with the Chi Institute in Veterinary Acupuncture.  Licensed in the state of Tennessee and New York,  Dr. Jamie has 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses which she enjoys with her family. She is a member of The American Veterinary Medical Association, The Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association and is USDA accredited.

  • Diane Green

    Assistant Office Manager, Vet assistant, Nutrition and Holistic care, Repro Development and Research, and Canine Neonatal Care

    Diane (pronounced Dee-On) is a native of Paris, France. She has a degree in nursing from France. She is a very accomplished pet nurse and works for us as a veterinary assistant. Diane shows and breeds champion Mastiffs. She has been a 'nanny' to several of our reproduction litters. She works a lot from home, assisting Dr. Adams with answering questions over the phone or internet, and working with Kathy on international shipments. 

  • Ruth Stafford
    Vet Assistant, Dog Whisperer, Repro assistant, “Dr. Ruth”

    There is not a dog that doesn't relate to Ruth, even the most shy. She is also known as our own “Dr. Ruth”. All of our patients and boarders stay calm with Ruth around. She has over 30 years of experience in animal handling - the personal touch with all.

  • Tracy Sircy
    Receptionist, Vet Assistant, Physical Therapy and Holistic care

    Tracy is one of our all-rounders.  She efficiently manages the front desk, assists the vet when needed and has developed some physical therapy and holistic protocols.  She has a special touch with animals who have special needs. She always goes the extra mile to make sure the animals are as comfortable as possible and get the attention he/she needs.

  • Ginny Legassie
    Vet Assistant

    Ginny is the newest addition to our professional team. Like the rest of us she has been owned by many animals. She always insures that her patients are hand with comfort and care.  Her gentle touch always makes our ‘guests’ at ease with any treatment they may receive.

  • Kathy Miller
    PAWSTn Repro Coordinator

    Our authority on all things involved with Paws Tennessee, the canine reproduction center. Kathy comes from a corporate background and really knows how to keep things organized. She works with financial matters with clients, shipping of products, and helped develop a system to insure the accuracy of the reproduction storage. Kathy shows and raises champion Lhasa Apso and French Bulldogs for over 20 years.

  • Sharla Perkins
    Groomer, Boarding

    Sharla can handle all your dog's and cat's grooming needs. They could not be in any better hands - cool, calm, and collected like the cats she adores. She has the ability to make her ‘fur clients’ feel at ease during the grooming process and are handled with care and safety.  Sharla offers her specialized grooming services by appointment only.

  • Micheal Sircy
    Kennel Manager, general maintenance

    Michael is a true gentleman to all our patients. He sees that our 'boarders' and hospitalized patients are personally walked at least 3 times and given the individualized attention needed for your pet to feel comfortable. It is nice having an in-house maintenance man to keep things running smoothly.

  • Sharon Adams
    Behind the scenes

    Sharon is our clinic’s financial person/office manager who works behind the scenes. She raises champion Lhasa Apsos. Oh, and she happens to be Dr. Adams’ mother.

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  • "I want to day a HUGE Thank you to the staff at the Pet-Agrees Wellness Services, They have been a call away and I know I am a nervous mommy, but I want the pups to do well. They are always there to assist me in the best care of the dogs."
    Cynthia C. Gordonsville, , TN

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